When it comes to buying Instagram followers, you might have some questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get and the best answers that we can come up with.

1. Are these followers real?

The short answer is that some of these followers are real. If you are buying active followers then yes they are real and they will interact with your account. Passive followers will not, they are just ghost followers that will follow you and never unfollow.

2. How long does it usually take for me to get my likes, followers, comments, etc?

It should only take a few houses for your followers or comments to show up, depending on how many you ordered. But if too long goes by and you still have no received them definitely contact one of our representatives to get it sorted out for you as quickly as possible.

3. Is this safe?

Yes. We provide you with extremely safe and secure checkout and you can opt to pay with many different forms so that you can pick the one that makes you feel the most comfortable. This si what makes our service so easy, we offer you so many different options.

4. How will I get my followers, comments, or likes?

While you are filling out your order you will enter your Instagram username and that will allow us to find you and send the content that your purchased your way. They should show up in just a few hours if not sooner.

So we hope that those answered all of your questions, but if there is still something that you need to ask, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our representatives are here to help you out whenever you need it. We offer you these Instagram followers, comments, and likes at a reasonable rate and it is almost entirely customizable. You get to choose how many followers or likes that you want and you get to choose which account they head to. We also offer so many different ways of paying, so that you will feel the most comfortable and the safest about your purchase. If you have been looking to gain Instagram followers you have come to the right place because we really care that you are getting quality followers for the right price and that you are comfortable and secure throughout the whole process.